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Only if we own a property everywhere in the world, we don't really need to book a place to sleep or rest when we are on holiday or traveling. Since it's impossible for each traveler to do so, then we need at least to have somewhere to slump at for a few hours at least. It could be a  trendy resort, an expensive hotel, a budget hostel, maybe just a couch from someone's apartment or just a tent or sleeping bag at a camping ground.
We also need to eat so unless our accommodation include free meals, we need to go to a restaurant or maybe a  side street food vendor to eat (as is most popular in Asia). Sometimes we might also go for a  drink, especially if there is a nice celebration or just to unwind after a long journey.
During our travels, we can experience nice hotels for sleeping, good restaurants for food and nice cafes or bars for drinks. 3monkeys have stayed in so many hotels, hostels, campgrounds, resorts, and even slept at the airport. OneMonkeyme slept at the Alabama airport for a night waiting for his 5:30am onward flight to Minnesota. He slept at the Bangkok airport for 3 nights trying to get a flight to Los Angeles. He had missed his original flight so to make sure he'd make it this time, he decided to hang around at the airport - He also needed to buy a new ticket. Believe it, it's not that bad and you have a choice of many restaurants. 
We will review here the best airlines that we have flown from a small twin seater otter to 474 jumbo jets; hotels and resorts that we stayed, hostels, restaurant and cafes, transportations based on services, prices, cleanliness, safety, location, etc. We will rate them from 1 to 5 star, the lowest is 1 and those that we think had a bad services - we will give zero ratings. Our review is not based on sponsorship, otherwise we will disclosed them if we get some benefits but we will be honest based on how we observe and feel.

Best Airlines

We are debating this based on our personal experience of what is the best airlines as  we have different perspectives on this. Twomonkeyme think Malaysia Airlines is the best and I believe it was Norwegian Air.


Best Transportation

I used Lyft a lot so I think they are good but when it comes to trains, trainitaly is the best.


Best Hotels

We have stayed in 5 stars and no star hotels so when you pay so much money you can surely expect a good service. This one is not a 5-stars but I think is the best overall.

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