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Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, USA

Our Story

Unlike many other travelers, we did not quit our jobs to travel. We traveled to our jobs, literally. Onemonkeyme lived in Malaysia where he worked and owned a tour adventure company. Twomonkeyme lived in Japan at the time. We do take holidays and vacations and visit each others in between continents.


Our names are OneMonkeyme, TwoMonkeyme and LittleMonkeyme. We are the 3Monkeys. OneMonkeyme is a Filipino-American, TwoMonkeyme is European-American, and LitteMonkeyme is a mixed-American. We are from the Orang Utan, Chimpanzee, and Yeti heritage based on our DNA profile.The Monkeys have lived in 3 countries and speak at least 3 different languages amongst them. OneMonkeyme has a double Bachelor's degree in Accounting & Business Administration, TwoMonkeyme, a Master's in Linguistic Studies, and LittleMonkeyme has a Master's in International Studies and Economics. I think it makes us more like monkeys.

We created this blog as a hobby and to chronicles our more than twenty years of travels, both as a family and individually. Though this blog is mainly about our journeys, we have also included food we ate in other countries and our experiences with immigration as it is part and parcel of travels. It will also gave readers some insight about immigration encounters of travellers from so-called "third world countries." We only have one earth so let us share it to everyone. After all, we are the world.

This blog has been altered and expanded to keep up with current travels to new places. We have also changed several providers and internet hosts during the life of the site for different reasons; including being hacked, hosting price increases and poor service.

We decided not to used softwares to enhanced our photos so we'll know which camera or products has the best quality. Some of our photos was taken before the iPhone era.The opinion expressed are our own based on personal experience; and prices quoted are accurate as of time of travel. Over time, as things change, prices go up, or places look different, please let us know.

There may be some affiliate links and advertisements for our site, which means when you click we get a small percentage of the purchase or services at no extra cost to you. This is to support and maintain the upkeep of the site. Please read our disclaimer, disclosure and privacy policy.

If you have any corrections, comments or other questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Your criticism, advice, feedback are all appreciated. Thank you for being here.

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Whether man-made or nature made, we do have a beautiful planet. Let us preserve it  for future generation to enjoy too.

Cinque Terre, Italy
View from Corniglia.jpg
Boracay, Philippines .jpg
Macchu Pichu, Peru
Katherine Gorge, Australia
Abraham Lincoln State Park, North Dakota, USA
Sunrise, Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo
MachuPicchu, Peru (1).jpg
Boracay Island, Philippines
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