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Website Design & Development
Would you like to build your own website but can't afford it or don't have the time? Whether you are a blogger, travel agent, small company, or just want to record your own memories, we can help you build your site for free. We just ask you to pay the domain and the hosting company of your own choice.
We can also manage and maintain your current site absolutely free of charge (foc) for at least three (3) years. In return, we will receive revenue from the site through affiliate advertising.
We use wordpress, performance foundry, wix, and squarespace for our hosting platform but would be glad to do it according to your preference, as we are also familiar with HTML5, CSS, and some other popular languages.
We will show you a sample design of your site on a platform of your choice and give you access to the site.
Thank you and let's start building your site today!
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