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Who hasn't heard of the Roman Empire, considered the greatest civilization between 27BC - 284 AD. What is now the capital of Italy is so rich in history that just by visiting, you become fascinated and feel part of the Roman way of life and culture from that time. Even in this modern era, it has retained, if not all, most of its grandeur and history for all to behold, and reminds humanity that even the greatest can fall.

Rome is easy to navigate whatever way you want to experience it, but walking is the best way to see and feel the magic of this once great empire. There are hundreds of sight that are not in the tourist brochures but just as impressive, if you like medieval folklore. The Metro system is also very efficient and will let you cover most of the sights if you have less time to explore. Try staying in the city centre so you don't need to rush even if you have limited time in Rome. Most of its main attractions are located in the center, and within walking distance of each other.

If you are an artist, fascinated by history, love delicious food, have a relaxed attitude, and have wondered where most of the world gets their political ideas, Rome is for you. It is not cheap but as with other western cities it is affordable. The Colosseo, Trevi Fountain, the Palatine, Pantheon, the Vatican are all within walking distance if you have a day to spare. Using the Metro and public bus is another option. Contrary to some beliefs, the traffic in Rome is not as chaotic as in most asian cities.



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