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I lived in Malaysia and the TwoMonkeyme lived in Japan at that time, so we decided to meet in Manila and travel a bit of the country. We took the bus to Batangas and hopped onto a ferry to Puerto Galera. We avoided the rowdy, touristy part and opted to stay at the other end of town in a place called White Beach. It was a good choice as the beach was quiet with a peaceful feeling.

From Puerto Galera, we took the bus all the way to Roxas in Mindoro to catch the boat to Boracay. It was not an easy way to go but we did manage to arrive in one piece in Roxas. We found accommodation on an isolated beach some distance out of town in a dilapidated hut that had not seen an occupant for a long time - it looked abandoned and ready to collapse but was cheap and on the beach where we had to take our outrigger to Boracay early the next day.

We started our trip early morning in very sunny and beautiful weather. It was a pleasant trip on calm seas with two young boys who entertain us by running on the outrigging every time the boat shifted to one side or the other. Our bumpy bus trip and dilapidated hut melted into a long ago memory.

Boracay is beautiful, with its sandy, powdered beach which can be easily rated as one of the best beaches in the world.


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Visit Albania
Visit Albania
Oct 15, 2019

Visit Gjipe bay in Ionian coast of Albania and it will truly be magic. The crystal water and the beautiful rocky beach has a beauty beyond words.

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