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Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Washington, District of Columbia or popularly known as "DC" is the capital of United States of America. The seat of the most powerful government on earth is not only about politics but also very rich in history.

The White House

Washington, DC is not a State but a District surrounded by the States of Virginia on the Southwest side and Maryland on the southwest, northeast, and northwest sides. It has hundreds of monuments, historical buildings, and numerous museums.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, World War Two Memorial, the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress are all located or adjacent to the National Mall. Most of the museums are free and the Smithsonian Museum is not to be missed.

The Capitol

A visit to the Capitol is very interesting, if you are a citizen - you can arrange it through your legislator otherwise you can just wait in line. The line sometimes looks long but it is quick so don't be discouraged if the line looks impossible - the security is thorough and quick ( as you are not allowed to carry a big bag ).

National Mall

DC is a pleasant place and has the best Metro System in all of United States. It is a compact area and most of its attractions can be easily visited on foot.

The Supreme Court

Accommodations are everywhere, whether you plan to stay in an apartment, hotel, or hostel, or Bed & Breakfast - there is no shortage of them.

Smithsonian Art Museum

If you have time, visit Chinatown. It's not as big as its San Francisco counterpart, but just as interesting. It is mostly located downtown so it is easily accessible. You can find cheap accommodation within this vicinity and if you are into exotic food and fake goods, this is the place for you. The DC Chinatown is close to the National Mall and where you can find the Ford Theater - the building where Abraham Lincoln was shot and died.

Declaration of Independence inside the Capitol Building

America declared its independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776. It elected George Washington as its first President. Independence Day is a national holiday and celebrated with grandeur and fireworks in the "Land of the Free." There is no country in the world that has fought so many wars which is also why America is called the "Land of the Brave." Its citizens are from all over the world but nobody knows why it is called the "United States of America" since nobody seems to agree with everything —therefore, the Supreme Court will decide it for you.

Washington, DC on the Cheap


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