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The entrance to the House on the Rock is a bit boring so that, at first glance, you are ready to leave and think " What's so special about this little house on top of a mound or chimney of rock, anyway?" Alas, once inside you are somewhat in a different world - a fairy tale in its own right.

The Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin

After taking a free tour of the Madison State Capitol - where you can actually sit in the Governor's chair used during cabinet meetings - and listening to the guide explaining the history and function of the State government, we were ready to explore other sights of our neighboring State, Wisconsin.

The Keeper of the House

LittleMonkeyme, now working in Madison, suggested and brought us to this enchanted place about one and a half hour drive from Madison via US -14W in scenic Southern Wisconsin between the cities of Spring Green and Dodgeville.

Infinity Room

House on the Rock is an exotic and eclectic creation of collections, displays, and galleries. You can marvel at the world's largest carousel, experience America's past with a stroll down the Street of Yesterday, make your way through the Galleries, a "collection of collections" featuring everything from suits of armor to ivory carvings.

University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus

What we loved most is the walk through the Infinity Room, a floating glass floor, 15 stories above ground and extending an astonishing 218 feet into thin air - scary but leads to awe - inspiring views of the valley beneath you.

We also visited University of Wisconsin campus. Madison like most cities in United States has many accommodation that cater for all budgets. We stayed at a medium range Hotel as we drove there from Minnesota which is a State next to Wisconsin.

The Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Secretary of State

How to visit Wisconsin on a Budget


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Visit Albania
Visit Albania
Oct 10, 2019

You should also visit Bunk'art in Tirana. This top-secret nuclear bunker now is a new museum in the very center of Tirana. Bunk’art 1 and Bunk’art 2 are the phases of an historical-cultural project that is focused on the preservation of the collective memory and on telling the story of the communist regime, including the horrors of that regime.

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