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I started my trip from Manila flying to Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific. I was surprised to find a very modern city that's more progressive and organized. I took a cab to Tsim Sha Tsui where most budget travelers headed to find a cheap accommodation. Stayed at one of Chung King Mansion guesthouse. Hong Kong is more than how I expect it to be just like Singapore but more crowded. I walked around Nathan Rd. the second night and passed this somewhat isolated bar with two women shouting about beers at their premises for HK$10. I like beer, and so I thought that was cheap, so why not check it out?

It was dim inside and the bar was in the basement. I noticed there were only two customers - no wonder they were aggressively promoting it. I was enjoying my drink and the music when a woman asked if she could sit at my table. Then another woman joined her, then another one, then another. They were talking by themselves in Chinese. I guess they were bored as the only other two customers were sitting at the counter.

One girl asked if she could order a drink and I said yes, since it was only a dollar, I thought. After 45 minutes, I asked for the check, I was shocked - it was in the thousands of HK dollars. I told the waiter I only ordered two beers and if I paid the other girls' drinks, that would only cost HK$30. The waiter explained that it was a thousand per hour for the girls, plus their drinks. I argued that I did not order any girls and only agreed to pay for one drink.

Then, out of nowhere, a giant guy that looked more like a sumo wrestler than a bouncer was in front of me. I was so intimidated and scared as he seemed ready for a wrestling match and the women are yelling at me now. So I said Ok! Ok! I pretended to check the bill and look in my money belt. Then I stepped back , grabbed a HK$100 throw it in front of them and ran as fast as I could. I knew there was no way he could catch me as I could run up the highest mountain in South East Asia, but I was also no match in wrestling with a sumo wrestler.

I was still running when I noticed two policemen on the other side of the road so I relaxed - I'm safe now. I went back to my guesthouse and told other travelers about it. One traveler said it was a normal strategy at bars but if I complained to the tourist office, I would get my money back. Nice to know but I don't have time to complain as I still have to go to Macau and China the next day.

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