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Mt Rushmore Memorial Park, South Dakota

Summer time is when people in America embarked the American pastime of "the road trip" so when TwoMonkey's sister invited us to go with her family on this iconic journey, we gladly said, "Yes!" Together with LittleMonkey and Anna, off we went.

We started our trip first to South Dakota to visit Mt. Rushmore Memorial Park. A massive sculpture of US Presidents is carved into the rocks of Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

The Devil's Tower, Wyoming

We then proceeded to the Badlands National Park and camped for two nights, checking out the sights by car and on foot. Next, we headed west to Wyoming to see Devil's Tower. We camped here for another two nights before continuing to the Bighorn National Forest. Here we parted ways as Two Monkey's sister and crews had to head back to Minnesota.

Medicine Wheel, Wyoming

We continued on to the Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark, a remarkable Native American, stone structure atop a mountain. We next proceeded to Montana and stayed at a nice hotel (to get a good shower) in Miles City for a night before proceeding to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

The car journey to Theodore Roosevelt National Park seemed long so we tried to find a place to camp. We stopped at this weird little town for gas and asked the cashier if there was a campground in the area. Luckily, there was and she pointed us in the direction. We proceeded to the area which was an isolated swamp far down a gravel hill. We couldn't find a single soul.

Our 5-star Accommodation

There was a truck parked but it was suddenly gone without us even noticing. The area was reminiscent of a place in a horror movie where serial killers seemed to look for their victims. There were no other campers even though it was camping season. We went back to the town to see if we could ask permission to camp on that site.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan, North Dakota

It was still early evening but not a single person was outside. It felt like everyone in town would turn into a vampire once it got dark, we couldn't find any police station either. We got spooked and tore out of town to find another campground.

The Monkeys at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We had to drive another 100 miles before we noticed a camping signed at midnight so we checked it out - turned out all the campers are here. It was the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, which ending up a very nice place for camping. We stayed there for 2 nights and went to Theodore Roosevelt National Park just for a day trip.

Fort Abraham Lincoln National Park Camping Ground

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