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TwoMonkeyme used to work in Japan so when her Japanese neighbors visited the United States, we decided to meet up in Buffalo, New York to check out Niagara Falls as they were coming from New York City.

We were in Minnesota at the time and decided to go by Amtrak first to Ohio to also visit her sister en-route to Niagara Falls. The train ride to Ohio was a great way to travel with a little monkey because of the roomy seats and ability to roam throughout the train. From Ohio, we rented a car to continue our journey to Buffalo. We checked into our arrange Hotel meeting place.

Buffalo is full of tourists and very lively in summer. I decided to take a helicopter tour of Niagara Falls but TwoMonkeyme decided to just see it on the ground. We also took the "Maid of the Mist" boat tour to get close to the cascading waterfall.

On our way back to the Hotel, there was some commotion with police officers being called. Apparently, some German tourists were not happy being overcharged for the tours and want their money back. They had booked their trip through the Hotel tour counter. We thought at first that some bad things was going on.

The Monkeys on the Covered Bridge, Iowa

On our trip to Buffalo, we passed through several States on I-80 . We didn't have much time to check out any place, except for the occasional rest stop and quick photo shoot along the way. I come back the same way but TwoMonkeyme spent some more time in Ohio while I continued to Minnesota to catch my flight back to Malaysia.

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Visit Albania
Visit Albania
Oct 15, 2019

A magnificent place to visit is the waterfall at Grunas. It is located in Theth where you can also visit The Blue Eye.

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