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Brunei Airlines had always good deals on their Australian destinations at the time so for my second visit to Australia, I chose Perth as my entry point and exit through Darwin. This time, the flight was longer, but again a very pleasant one. I was surprised that I was cleared through immigration and customs so quickly - they must not "like" me anymore. From the airport, I usually take a shuttle bus as it is not only cheaper but also safer, though this time I took a taxi downtown. I walked around trying to find a cheap accommodation and familiarize myself with the area. I opted to stay at a nice hostel in Northbridge. I noticed that there were many monkeys around that looked like me, so it felt like home.

Perth is actually easy to walk around and public transport is available. It has also a milder climate compared to Asia. My second day was spent checking out Perth beaches. I took a bus to get to Cottesloe Beach and it was easy though some tourists had recommended taking the train. The strip of beach from Cottesloe goes all the way to Swanburne Beach so you have plenty of space in case it gets crowded during the high season ( April to September ).

I also took a ferry to quickly cruise Fremantle and book a day trip to see Rottnest Island.

From Perth, I took a Greyhound bus to Darwin for my flight home. The bus stops at several towns along the coast. If you buy a bus pass it is valid for a certain length of time. I bought a 7 day pass that let me stop and ride as long as my pass was still valid. The bus stop at Geraldton and Port Hedland where some passengers got off. I decided to stop at Broome as I heard it was a beautiful place. This time I checked in to a nicer place called Broome Resort, right at Cable Beach - for a change from the Hostel scenery. Indeed the beach is awesome and powdery, but a little crowded.

Cable Beach was divided into two sections - if you go to one end, it is designated as a "clothing optional" area. Both areas are very popular and crowded. Broome is a lively little town with a lot to offer to tourists. It has a great open-air market that is bustling with crowds and pretty scenery that is reminiscent of Carmel, California.

My two day - one night stay in Broome was spectacular, I wish I could have stayed longer , but it was time to catch my overnight bus to Darwin for my flight home.


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Visit Albania
Visit Albania
Oct 15, 2019

You are going to love Himara, a small city in the southern of Albania .The beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious, the villages around it capture every tourist attention and the cultural part is very interesting. Don’t miss the chance of visiting!

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