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Beautiful Stockholm, Sweden

I thought my Norwegian Air flight to the US was going to transit in Oslo so I was surprised when it landed in Stockholm. I had missed my original flight from Bangkok and booked another flight to get back to the US so maybe that explains it.

Taking the Arlanda Express from the airport to the city, I was struck by the similarity of the scenery to that of Minnesota, my home state. So Stockholm just felt like home - the climate and the people, though the Twin Cities in Minnesota have many more high-rise buildings than Stockholm. They also have more homeless; I only noticed one homeless person in Stockholm. They might not citizens at all, I was told. I was surprised though that Sweden is a member of the European Union but not using the Euro currency.

I checked in at the cheap, but nice, hostel downtown which reminded me that I had to follow the house rules, like taking off your shoes, bringing your own bedsheets, making up your bed, etc. It had been sometime since I stayed in a Hostel.

Stockholm is nice but it doesn't have the feeling of a vibrant city, maybe because it was still cold - it was February and I was told, I was lucky because a week ago it was very cold. " Sounds like Minnesota", I thought. The buses here were also very similar.

I went about checking out the whole city. It helped that it was easy to walk around and people were friendly. There are a lot of small restaurants - some Asian, some Middle eastern, some American, like McDonalds and Starbucks. I was cautioned that the Old City used to be very nice but now was overrun by foreigners so it lost its tourist appeal.

Stockholm seems to be a safe city. I was walking around until midnight and never felt any danger at all, even if some streets looked deserted.


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Visit Albania
Visit Albania
09. Okt. 2019

If you want to visit a vibrant city i suggest you to visit Tirana in Albania. It is such a dynamic city, both day life and nightlife are filled with numerous things to do.

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