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When the Monkeys travel, they walk, run, jump and swim, so they get hungry. Therefore, they have to eat. Since different locations have different cuisines, and different monkeys have different preferences (Twomonkeyme is vegetarian and Onemonkeyme and Mixedmonkeyme are omnivores with a special taste for seafood), we do a lot of different cuisine sampling. 
We prefer healthy and cheap food-with-a- view, so we often choose to eat from street foodstall which are very popular in places with warm weather, (especially in Asia). But ocassionaly, we go for a good restaurant with good food. In Indonesia and Malaysia, we love their nasi goreng (fried rice), roti canai, and steamed fish. In Italy, gelato is an awesome treat. Lao coffee in Laos is one of the best in the world and in the US, we prefer a restaurant that caters to healthy food choices (especially ethnic), but you never know what you might encounter inside.
If you are also hungry, let's start serving, and let's eat!
Below are some of the dishes that we have tried or still would like to try, that are popular in different countries. Do you have any recommendations for a food or restaurant that was great? Let us know!